Window Washing Services for Standard Windows

$12.50 Per Window
  • Clean Outside of Window Glass

  • Clean Outside of Window Frame

  • Deep Clean Window Screens


$187.50 Minimum

$17.50 Per Window

Everything included in Basic plus

  • Inside Cleaning of Window Glass

  • Inside Cleaning of Window Frame

  • Wipe Down Window Sill


$262.50 Minimum


Window Closeup
$22.50 Per Window

Everything included in Deluxe plus

  • Paint Removal on glass

  • Sticky Residue Removal

  • Inside Window Track Cleaning

  • Outside Screen Track Cleaning


$337.50 Minimum

-The Basic Service is great for maintaining exterior windows all year round. We recommend customers receive basic package cleanings 2-4 times a year to keep moss, mildew, algae and hard water stains at bay. 


-The Deluxe Service includes the basic package services and more. We recommend the deluxe package for customers annually to keep pet dander, pollutants, and mold from accumulating on indoor window surfaces.


-The Premium Service includes basic and deluxe services plus a deep cleaning of window crevices and surfaces. We recommend the premium package for homes that have not received window washing in over 2 years. If, the home has had a change of ownership, is on the market to be sold, or is a rental this package will guarantee window surface sanitation.

Washing Services for Non-Standard Windows 

Storm Windows
$25.00 Per Storm Window

Enjoy Clean and Clear Viewing from any room in your home

  • Remove panes, clean inside and outside

  • Paint Removal on glass

$375.00 Minimum

Sky Light
$35.00 Each

View The Starry Nights and the

Sunny Days with this service

Outside Cleaning Only..............$25.00​

Inside Cleaning Only.................$25.00

Inside & Outside Cleaning........$35.00

​This Service May Require OSHA Approved Safety Equipment 

Deck Panes
$15.00 Each

Windows Looking a Little Green?

All Day Projects knows how to clean the green away by using safe and effective cleaning tecniques

Garden Windows
$25.00 Each

Not the easiest window to clean in your home but the crew at All Day Projects still gets the job done with your satisfaction in mind

Garage Door Windows
$5.00 Each

Outside Cleaning Only..............$3.00​

Inside Cleaning Only..................$3.00

Serene Room
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